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Valeria Moore

Author, Teacher of Peace, Consciousness Researcher

The Remen Q̅ Method

An Easy Do-It-Yourself Process to Create Inner Peace and Change Your Reality

This is No Secret!

Do you struggle with worry, anxiety, regrets, guilt, relationships and or stress?

Many of us have emotional wounding that creates disease in our bodies, chaos and drama in our relationships, re-active divisive communication and contraction in our hearts.

In The Remen Q̅ Method, Valeria J. Moore shows you a tool for achieving inner peace at the moment of non-peace. This technique is a do-it-yourself process that is simple and effective. You can do this process while standing in line at the grocery store, at a stressful family gathering or in a business meeting. Once you learn the process, it may only take five breaths and four words to shift a contracted heart in the moment.

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Upcoming Personal Transformation Books

 I am currently writing these workbooks.  The focus of these workbooks is on growing up in a dysfunctional family.  In that environment you did not create foundations for inner peace.  I hope to have the beta version of these workbooks ready by January 2023.  I will need people interested in doing the beta testing for these workbooks.  If you are interested in being a beta tester please send me an email using the contact form on this website.


In the late spring of 2006 I was driving in Utah on one of those blank open stretches of road when I suddenly experienced a vision of a dodecahedron in my non-ordinary field of awareness.  I asked the question “what was that”? I heard, not really expecting an answer, “life”. “OK and why am I seeing this” the dialog continued. I then heard that each face of the dodecahedron held a wisdom called a strand for achieving presence and peace. I then received an understanding of each strand. 

The principles of strands is being integrated into all new writings.  

Note: Scientific research has found that there is an energetic structure that supports the DNA that is the stacking of the dodecahedron, the geometrical shape in the picture.   



Emotional Patterns

(Formerly Healer Wisdom)

Have you wondered what might be the underlying emotional connection to a physical problem?


Emotional Patterns is a book containing the metaphysical analysis of over 500 diseases (680 in the online database*), disorders and traumas. Each disease, disorder or trauma has a specific set of underlying fears, emotional states and created patterns (beliefs) that provide a focused look at what patterns might be held in the body.

This book is for anyone on a journey of healing as either a healing arts professional or an individual exploring the foundations of non-peace (dis-ease). The information has been written to provide a catalyst of recognition that opens the doors to the next level of growth in a personal development journey. 

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*With the purchase of  Emotional Patterns you get a year of free access to the online database for one year.  There is a ten dollar fee per year after that.  I update the database frequently.

Children’s Books

Billy Visits the Farmer’s Market: Adventures of Billy, Milly, Lilly and Mr. Ely 

Billy Visits the Farmer’s Market: Adventures of Billy, Milly, Lilly and Mr. Ely is a children’s book that tells the story of Billy, the monarch butterfly, that gets caught in plant netting and ends up in the local farmer’s market. At the end of the book is a brief science of the challenges and life cycle of a monarch butterfly.

Upcoming Children’s Books

And many more are planned …

About Valeria

Valeria Moore is a consciousness researcher and journeyer.  Valeria has explored the foundations of our consciousness for over 50 years and shared her explorations with people around the world.  Valeria has never used just one path to discover the wisdom of the ancients. Instead, she believes that all traditions hold foundational wisdom that moves us forward along our path of understanding our nature.

Valeria holds a degree in computer and information sciences from the University of California.

Valeria lives in Oregon with her life partner and sweetie, Mike Read.  She has two daughters and four awesome grandchildren.

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