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When it comes to getting a website are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? What will it cost? What do I need to do to get a website going? The pricing page is designed to help you get cost information and get focused on what it takes to create the website you need and want at an affordable price.

THE goal at Moore WebWorks is to provide inspiring & affordable web design to individuals, small businesses and non-profits. We love working with people who are working to help others lead better lives. We believe beautiful websites can be affordable and accessible to everyone.

Do you need a brand new website?

You have a new idea. You have a new business. You have a new product. You need a new website to tell the world about your creation. Or you have just not stepped into the online world. You know you need to. Most people use the internet now to find you business. To find out about you. A well designed website will sell your proposition to your potential customers.

Where do you start? You start with a free consultation to discuss your goals for the new website. We will discuss content and imagery that will be needed and the functionality you would like to see. I will take the information from this meeting and build a proposal for your review. From there I begin the design process using development tools that allow for creativity and development to happen simultaneously. You will be integral to this process as I move into each step of the website.

Does your website need a remodel?

Is your website non-responsive? A responsive website is a website that renders on a mobile platform in a way that makes it readable. How do you find that out? Go to and put your website link into the box in the upper left hand corner and press “GO”. The Responsinator engine will show you how your website will look on a multitude of different mobile platforms.

Can you be found on a mobile device? Does your website render on a mobile device? If not you are losing customers. A website that renders on a mobile device tells the customer that you care about getting their business. It makes an impression of diligence to the ever changing needs of the market they serve. I recently began seeing a new dentist that was on the preferred provider list. When it came the day of the appointment I had forgotten the address. I tried to look it up on my mobile device and could not find their website. I finally got the address after a great deal of frustration. When I arrived at the dental office I told the receptionist of my experience. My first impression of inconvenience and not caring about serving their customer base has stuck. I will be changing dentists.

Does your website date back to the early 2000’s and you need a fresh look?  Responsive websites have a very different look and feel than the websites from the early 2000’s.   The newer website don’t have the confining boundaries that a 800X600 website had.  The colors sparkle with beautiful images offset by the use of white space.

Can your website be found?  I recently had a client whose website could not be found until you got to page 8 in the Google Search engine with the name of his company.  We set about adding SEO elements to his website and he is now on the first page of the search engine when looking for the name of his company.*

Do you have a website but it can’t be maintained without spending a lot of money?   Then using a wordpress engine and applying a theme like Divi from Elegant Themes will give you an easy to edit method of maintaining a website after it is built.  Part of my contract with you will be to train you how to edit content.  If you want to learn more about wordpress Youtube has a  plethora of resources that will guide you through the use and terminology of wordpress.

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*I cannot guarantee search engine results for broad generic categories.  For Example: You want to be number one when someone puts in the phrase “Life Coach”.  First of all Google is going to geo-code your location.  If you live in Salem, Oregon you will see Life Coaches only after the paid ads at the top and you will see on that first page coaches in the Salem, Oregon area after the paid ads.  If you look at some of the non-paid pages you will see that they use the word life coach frequently on the front page.  That increases their SEO rankings.

You Now Have a New or Remodel Website Now What?

Your website will need maintenance. The core engine and tools used to create your website will change with the changing needs of ever evolving technologies. Your business may add products or change it’s focus. I provide an ongoing maintenance contract at a couple of different levels. You can read about those by clicking this link.

Who We Are

Moore WebWorks is a small web design company in Salem-Keizer,Oregon, created by Valeria Moore. Delivering the best possible service & support is at the core of who we are. Our main focus is to design and build websites, using proven technologies. This allows us to offer a quality product, focus on design and service, instead of code.

We Do Website Design & Development

We exist to bring affordable web design to those on a budget. We love coming alongside our clients and helping them develop a website that’s representative of who they are and what they do. And we whole-heartedly believe that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to achieve. From basic blogs to full-blown eCommerce sites, we offer affordable website solutions for all.