A website is not just a bunch of 1’s & 0’s in the ether. Your website becomes an examination of your relationship to your potential clients. The reader needs to feel that you are authentic.

The development of a website becomes a journey, an inner adventure. It’s an opportunity for you to reach out and grow within. Authenticity requires that you look at who you are in relationship to what and who you want to bring in.

On your front page, in 20 seconds you have to answer your visitors question or they are gone. Unless they have gotten to your webpage via a referring person or link then the visitor has gotten to your website via a search engine query. They have a question or they have a need.

You, as the website owner, need to answer the questions:

  • What problem am I offering to solve?
  • How do I solve that problem?
  • Why am I the best solution to your visitors problem?

What Problem am I Offering to Solve?

This is where you find your niche. For Example: You are a Reiki Practitioner. There are thousands of Reiki Practitioners. What can you offer your client that the 200 other practitioners in your community don’t? Or what message can you offer a potential client that will solve a problem for them. If a person has a malady where touch is painful you can offer them deep relaxation without touch. You can appeal to those audiences. Or some people find that meditation is an exercise in frustration and they have been advised by their physicians to practice deep relaxation. You can offer a potential client deep relaxation without having to do anything except get comfortable and allow.