About Valeria Moore – Moore WebWorks

Valeria is a website designer & developer lives with her life partner in the garden of Eden called Oregon and focuses on helping individuals, small businesses and non-profits get great websites.

Moore WebWorks was started in 2013 by Valeria Moore. Valeria has over 43 years of experience in various phases of international technology and business as well as being the author of Healer Wisdom. She has a degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of California.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Moore WebWorks offer a wide range of services to small and mid-sized business clients; SEO, eCommerce, development of backend administrative interfaces supported by a mysql database, graphic design, custom application theming (vBulletin, WordPress), and responsive design.

Valeria has been working in the website industry since 1996. She spent 13 years at Apple Computer as a Senior Financial Analyst. While there she coded and developed an international financial consolidation system and developed a passion for building systems that solved problems. She then completed a Computer and Information Systems degree in 1996 at the University of California. Prior to graduation Valeria went to work for Sun Microsystems and from there jumped head long into the internet craze which evolved into IT and website consulting.

Valeria is the grandmother of several grandchildren and mother of two amazing daughters. She enjoys hiking, kayaking and sewing for her grandchildren.