Keeping your website healthy is just as important as synthesizing a beautiful website. We have structured design, support and maintenance packages to help you achieve those goals.


A website is not just an online billboard for your business. Your website appeals to humans and humans have a feeling about a website as soon as they open the page. They will connect with the imagery and content very quickly or not. A pleasing visual design is crucial to getting and keeping your site visitors. Content will keep your visitors (and potential customers coming back). The use of space helps to differentiate the content and helps bring the visitors eyes to that next content which keeps them on the website. Your website should solve a problem for your visitor and the answer should be easy to find. The flow of links/menu items should be intuitive and user friendly. Your website must render nicely on a plethora of mobile devices.

We do the following:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Responsive & Mobile Sites
  • eCommerce Solutions


Just to keep your new website up-to-date and secure requires regular maintenance. WordPress, plugins and extensions are updated often. If a plugin is not updated it may cease to work with the updated theme or wordpress engine. Or an outdated plugin may become incompatible with your theme and bring your website down.

As part of maintenance support and keep your website performing at it best we do the following:

  • Software updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin & Extension Updates
  • WordPress Version Updates
  • Running & Validating Backups
  • Monitoring Website 24/7
  • Contacting the Hoster if there’s a hosting failure
  • Repairing Plugin Failures*
  • Finding a New Plugin if an old one fails or helping you find a work around solution*



Logo Design

No Logo, we can help. After talking to you and getting a feel for your company and you we can take those elements and build a logo.


Social Marketing

You have yet to set up social marketing tools, we can guide you in that direction and provide integration with those forms of marketing on your website.



One-On-One Training

What if you want to make changes or add content to your site? I use wordpress with the Divi theme in the development of a website and that technological platform makes adding to or editing content intuitive. Using screen sharing programs, such as TeamViewer, I can teach you how to make these changes yourself.


SEO Facilitation

Part of any website on the internet, that expects to be seen, needs to have Search Engine Optimization integrated into its foundation. What does that even mean? Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website compatible with the algorithms used by search engines for sorting, ranking and indexing. It you want to be seen in Google this is important.

As part of the development process I install an SEO plugin that helps to focus the effort of Search Engine Optimization. It’s not the complete process but it is a very good start. The client needs to be engaged in the next steps process and training can be provided to the client for the development of this information.

Design and/or Content Modification

When your website is ready for content, imagery, or structure to be added or edited we can help.